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About Me

Welcome to my blog!  My name is Mary Alvarado, and I'm here embarking on this new journey in my life, hoping to learn,  encourage, and spread some love and joy to all those who I am blessed to connect with daily.   My goal is to create  a space for you to  to find not only amazing beauty, makeup, skincare, fashion and glam but also, encouragement, inspiration, and motivation for your journey to feel better and find your passion and purpose for your life. It is truly my greatest heart's desire to help others find fulfillment through a balance of loving yourself, feeling comfortable in your own skin and loving who you are, which is the first step towards living  life to its fullest potential; after all true beauty starts from the inside. 

I also want to review and share ideas and techniques from my personal experience, share others that I have been blessed to have connected with thru social medial from all over the world, and to continue supporting others by using my platform in any way that I am able to. I feel like we never stop learning, we are never too old to begin;  life is too short, so let's take time to smell the roses.  Also don't forget to  subscribe, and/or  follow me, promise it will be worth it 😊